Moving from Competencies to Competiencie Models

Moving from competencies to competency models is exciting! It is like going from dribbling a basketball to playing in a game. The individual competencies were interesting, just as bouncing a ball or shooting it is. But seeing how they interact with other competencies to create a model feels like playing the game because of the dynamic strategy involved.

When we begin using the tiered competency model we can see how certain competencies can overlap over groups of people. As an instructional designer we can analyze deficiencies in areas according to the model and design training to help groups of people attain higher performance levels. For example, if I am in a retail environment and hear, “Our customer service is slacking, we need a training for that”, I am able to go out and measure the performance of the behavior and specify if or where performance is lacking. For example if I discover that courtesy goals are not being met by 42% of the staff. I can design a deep, intensive training for many people. But if I discover that the courtesy goal is not being met by 10% of the staff, and then I know that an intensive course is not appropriate, perhaps a refresher course or a job aid in the employee room is more appropriate.

I look forward to learning more about these models and seeing case studies of how instructional designers use them. I am also wondering how the use of competencies models is affecting K-12 education, as it seems that Personal Effectiveness and Workplace Competencies are being formed at this early level.

Another note, it was interesting to use the Career Onestop Competency Clearinghouse. It is a great tool- easy to use and flexible enough to be tailored for almost any role

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