Applying the Mind Tools

We have our core competencies and have discovered what our training needs are. Now it is time to start building a training framework. I stumbled upon a great tool to get started with- Mind Tools.

I had two competency areas with training needs- client focus and problem solving skills. However, these had a link- quality focus.  This helped provide a framework to build a set of related courses. But what about the content?

The Mind Tools website content menu doesn’t list quality tools:


However, go over to the search tab and type in quality:


The result will get you set in the right direction:

search results

The prose you will get is not as clear and direct as Wikipedia. Of course, since Mind Tools is a commercial website. So you have to wade through the opening sales pitch in the article. You can read the first few opening lines about Total Quality Management for an example:

However, once you get past this the content is organized for clear, practical application. A good example is this article on the 5 Whys. Within the first few paragraphs there is a clear example of the 5 Whys process:

5 whys

With this clear example the basic ideas can be quickly learned. Then related terms and concepts are clearly identified with links to pages containing information.

related concepts

I do not suggest this as a place to send people to learn the skills, because they are general and not related to a learners specific situation. However, it is a site that can be leveraged to discover general information that can be modified to specific situations.

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