Getting Everyone on the Same Page…

In Real World Training Design’s Chapter 3 on design, Jenn Labin shows a way to streamline analysis and design. By aligning objectives using Kirkpatrics 4 levels of training evaluation model, an ID can consolidate   and get everyone on the same page.

Aligning the “doers”(employees) with the “planners”(management) can be tricky. Each group of stakeholders can have a different objective. The “planners” ask, “How are we going to see measurable difference after training?” Meanwhile the “doers” are wondering, “What is in it for me?”

Labin comes up with a system that aligns these 2 group’s needs.

There is only one problem…it takes 10 pages of the book to explain this system. Part of the problem is the vertical formatting of the book. The other is it is explained for a beginner, so she has to go step-by-step.

Thus, I have designed a tool so Labin’s system can be implemented quickly by an intermediate to advanced ID. Here is the tool:

Goal Alignment Sheet

Level Deliverables Example Design output How to know if we reach the goal? How to measure?
4 Business Goal

Strategic result

Increase revenue by 20% with release of XYZ product. Learner centered objectives Revenue will change. Revenue from XYZ.
3 Training Outcome

Behavior performance

Reps will upgrade 100 accounts with XYZ and gain 20 new accounts by Nov 1. Performance Measures New customers up.

Upgraded customers up.

Data and observation.
2 Learning Support

Specific skill or knowledge

Reps will define the functions and differentiate XYZ from ABC and identify new potential customers. Training Outline Reps define new functions.

Demonstrate use of product.

Identify upgrade opportunity.



Role play.

1 Learner Profile

Motivators, obstacles

Reps are commission based, bonus for top 5 in sales, geographically scattered and average 3 years tenure. Facilitation Points






Source: J Labin, Real World Training Design

 If you copy it into word and print it out in a horizontal format, you will be able to customize it to your specific training analysis. Please drop me an email to let me know if it is valuable to you!

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