Leveraging the Power of Google Docs in E-Learning

One of the most powerful tools for e-learning is Google Docs. This is because it provides the ability to collaborate in real-time from different computers.

Here are the advantages for the teacher:

With Google Docs you can create and manage file folders and who has access to them easily. It is much like the folder and file creation of a common computer desktop. Plus the instructor can create the permissions for what files the students can see and access. Here is an assignment tracker for use with Google Docs. A big bonus is that Google Docs is all cloud storage. This means that you don’t have to worry about your or the schools computer crashing and losing the files. And it is accessible with internet access from any computer or mobile device. So no, “I lost my homework” or, “my computer died” excuses.

Here are some cool ways to use Google Docs:

The real power is in collaboration. The learners can have real time feedback; communicate with others in a group; and share knowledge, insights and opinions. And the tool can scale from small projects for a few learners to large, complex projects with many learners. Also, it can fit a range of learners from elementary school to adult education.

Here is an example of how it is used at an elementary school.

Here is an example of how to use it to create a project template for high school, university or adult learners.

Here is a real cool project that utilizes roles for a digital writer’s workshop. Each student takes a different view of the same document in critiquing it.

Last, here is one to boost interactivity using Google Forms.

As a serious educational theorist, it is important to remember the important real life things. Thanks to The Learning Generalist, I now recognize the true power of Google Docs: It can keep track of who to order ice cream for!

Google Docs Useful

Source: The Learning Generalist

How else can Google Docs be leveraged to create fun and meaningful learning? I look forward to hearing some great suggestions from you!

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