Where is the X E-Learning Prize?

As humans we are inspired by great achievements and leaps forward, the first man on the moon symptom. And this has been leveraged for humanities advancement with the X-Prizes. So I propose this model for an X-Prize in e-learning based on overcoming the current problems and limitations.

Here are the problems:

  1. Custom training vs adaptation- it is cost prohibitive to develop custom training, thus many turn to out of the box solutions and make them fit the need.
  2. Audience- there are a wide variety of audiences with different needs and learning styles
  3. Isolation- there are a lack of tools to engage and real time collaborate
  4. LMS limitations- the tools are limited by the proprietary LMS systems

The path to where we is and are going

Learning 1.0. This can be defined as unplugged learning, the face to face textbook and pencil stuff.

Learning 1.5. The early movement to incorporate technology in education- movies and overhead projectors.

Learning 2.0. Early online learning.

Learning 2.5. Where we are now. Middle generation LMS’s and early collection of online tools

Learning 3.0. The next step of real time learning tools

Learning 4.0. Self-knowledge for the learners. Using analytics and learning styles to diagnose the learners’ styles and preferences.

Learning 5.0. Adaptive, affordable, accessible, intuitive and immersive learning.

Let’s look at Learning 5.0

Adaptive- the learning system should be able to adapt to the individual learners learning characteristics.

Affordable- much like Google, the cost should be free and freely usable for all.

Accessable- it should not be on the sandlots of LMS’s. Again, like the Google model of open information.

Intuitive- the interface should be natural and useable for all.

Immersive- ability to surround the senses in learning scenerios.

To Dream the Impossible Dream…

Some may say, “This would be way too expensive, who would pay for this?” Others might ask, “how can we make a profit from this like current e-learning platforms?” Others still might say this is an unpractical dream.

I counter by showing the amazing progress that has been made in a short time. Anyone who remembers the overhead projector in math class would be wowed by the online learning my nephew is doing right now besides me.

As for cost, what is the cost of each person who does not reach their potential because of poor learning? What is the cost of lost production for poorly trained workers? The cost to develop learning 5.0 is a small fraction of the money we are losing now.

So I challenge you to make Learning 5.0 today!

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