Using Storyboards For Collaboration

Now it has become almost normal for real time collaboration on documents. Google Docs led the way with being able to share a document space in real time, but now Word also has this function. This has facilitated the ability to cooperate and eliminated the waste of saving several documents. But what is another way teams can collaborate? I suggest storyboards!

Use of storyboards for collaboration. One of the challenges of adult learners is being creative. The book Improving Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration has this example storyboard exercise to help learners be able to visualize and sequence ideas (1). Another way is shown by Mark Rice (2).  Whether training future teachers, media people, or even medical personnel to create a scenario, storyboards can help learners to render a scene to understand an interaction, or create an imaginative story! Following is an online tool your learners can use for online storyboard collaboration.

Storyboard That. This is a classic software that is easy to use with its drag and drop interface. Scaling of characters and props is easily done with the drag of a corner. One nice feature is being able to change the rendering of the background scene. Here is an example of one background with 3 different renderings.


But can it be used for learning? Recently working with it to complete a homework, my 11 year old neice said, “Yeah, we use that in school.” But can it be used by adults? Here is an example adult homework about the misunderstanding  between children and adults. But what about for collaboration? Here is the recent collaborative assignment that my partner and I used Storyboard That to design.

Downside to Storyboard That? There are a limited number of elements you can use. Also the end product is not professional looking. But if you want to develop creativity with a simple, easy to use software for a collaborative storyboard, then Storyboard That is a great tool.

Looking for more tools? Here is a list of storytelling tools. And here is a list of storyboard templates for e-learning. Have fun learning together!

Source: 1. Improving Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration By Saddleback Educational Publishing,

2. Mark Rice, Factors facilitating or impeding older adults’ creative contributions in the collaborative design of a novel DTV-based application.

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