Digital Games and Simulations

Doesn’t making digital games and simulations sound like fun? Do you think you have learners that could benefit from learning games? I know I do, so I decided to start looking into it.

Why games and simulations? Games are popular! Who do you know that has not played an interesting online game? Studies show they seem to work, and engage the learners more than lecturing to them. The only down part- how to talk the boss into believing that the serious learning doesn’t have to be serious.

What is Gamification? Simply put, using game mechanics for learning. They can be used for either attitude or behavior change. You design them around the learning objectives. They can have enhanced visuals and/or social interaction to engage the learners.

Why do they work? Have you heard of Fogg’s Behavior Model? The idea is that the interaction of motivation, ability and call to action trigger can be balanced into an experience called flow- where the learner is so drawn into the game that they lose the track of time. Here is a model of it:

FoggBehaviorModel What are game mechanics? These are the parts of a game that synchronize together to draw in the learner. Here is a groovy drawing explaining them:

Game elements-mechanics

So there are some of the basics of games and simulations. Hope you share your ideas!

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