Recent Portfolio Work

Today I thought I would share some of my recent portfolio work. Please let me know what you think!

Redesign of F2F learning.

Project: A redesign of F2F learning for suppliers.

Goal/Problem: An assessment of the previous learning indicated a gap in the application of the learning. Interviews revealed that the course was 1) difficult to follow 2) lacked interactivity and 3) did not address attitude.

Audience: External suppliers.

Your Role: I accessed the learning; proposed the redesign; then designed, developed and accessed the course.

Methodology Used: The interface of the learning was redesigned to make the information more clear and logical; interactivity was incorporated into the learning; a section was added to influence the attitude of the learners.

Scope/Size: A complete redesign of the learning for an 8 hour F2F learning to be rolled out internationally.


bugs Form

Design of learning template.

Project: A template designed for a curriculum within a division.

Goal/Problem: There was a need for an attractive, easy to use template for online courses.

Audience: IDL section, SME’s and eLearners.

Your Role: Assessed the need, designed and developed the template.


interface 3 interface 2 interface

Design of predesign assessment.

Project: Design of a form to gather information to create course proposal.

Goal/Problem: Often the scope, contents and milestones of a project are discussed and recorded in meetings. Often, the notes and memory of the details of these meetings can become fuzzy.

Audience: ID staff and client.

My Role: Designer who wanted to clarify the course proposal process.

Steps Taken: Identified the procedural gap; designed, tested and incorporated the form for the process.


Course redesign info

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