My 4 Core Brand Values

Brand is about what your values are. It is about integrity and knowing what you know is right and putting your life energy behind it. Here are 4 qualities of my ID brand.

Quality- I really am annoyed by low quality learning. If there is not a quality process behind it, it is suspect. I don’t like to fall into traps of what is hot and modern and people say works, when the results are low. An example is eLearning. Studies show that 3 months later the learner has forgotten most of what they were exposed to. This can be overcome with better learning expectations, organization and materials. Make a plan for high quality learning results and strategy before you invest in the infrastructure.

Smart Innovation- 15% of learning is applied. 30% when there is management support. The true innovation is not in the tools for learning, but the organizational support mechanisms available. But the real secret is adapting best practices of learning organizations. Sorry, the fancy, animated eLearning’s ain’t worth the money unless management is aligned to support it- this is smart innovation.

Learner Focused- People are very selfish- especially when they are going through change. Good learning is change. The support for change mechanisms need to be built into organizations. But further, the learner anxiety needs to be addressed in the learning. Good learning is easy- 1. Sell the learning with WIIFM 2. Engage in value added activities that build learner confidence with actual and applied skills and activities 3. Reward their excellent performances. And always keep in your heart and mind sympathy because they are nervous as they go through change.

Engagement- The biggest struggle, at any student level, is wake up and learn! We learn and stay awake by doing things. So have the students do something! This is not rocket science. This is brain science, so apply it! And let them have fun! When we are playing, we are learning!

What is your brand? How do you show it in your work? I look forward to seeing it!

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